As a fine art product and servicer I have quite a bit of experience in framing.

I strictly use Roma molding with all of my framing products. I have framed products from the 18th century to standard mirrors. I have also done custom shadow boxes for museums and galleries.

I started framing about 23 or so years ago. Framing items in my parents house. My mother would give me a picture that she had and from there I would take it into the shed and start to make a frame. When I was done I would come in and I would get a cookie from my mother.

Even know my materials have changed my love for it has not. I still treat all of my framing work like i did my first one.

That is why I use Roma products. There products are made overseas and are of only the highest quality. fine wood are always of there concern.

With that I am an experienced master framer and I can help you in designing a proper framing treatment for you piece and the interior of your home.

I also can laser cut matboard inlays and other unique framing treatments.

My other services include

Frame Design

Dry Mounting

Conservation Mounting


Frame Repair


Laser Engraving


Canvas Streching and Shadowboxes