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Fine Art Mount Making Installation And Fabrication


MountsI specialize in art and artifact mount design and fabrication, also construction and pedestal design. I also have done installations for private collectors, museums, galleries, conservators, and artists.

Please get a hold of me if you would like to talk about your project or any items you need a mount for.

Below is a list of clients that I have worked with.

My Experience & Education

  • Graduate Collections Care Program, Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies, Mount Carroll, IL
  • BFA, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
  • 25 years mount making and fine art installation

Click here to find out how to get a hold of me to for your mounting needs. I have worked with a wide variety of items from Egyptian antiquities to Roman and Greek glass/jewelry, Japanese netsuke and large outdoor modern sculptures weighting up to 2700 lbs. There is nothing too small or too big I can handle it all. Also I am fully insured.

So if you need a specialty item made please let me know and I will start to assess the situation and tell you the time frame and the cost you are looking at for your art work.


As I mention above I have a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston Massachusetts. I graduated with honors in 1991. I started to do Professional Mount Making and Art Installation in 1992. From there I started to work with some great people and Museums from around the world. Most of my installations and fabrications are still being used from 1994 and forward.

My designs are one of a kind and my goal is as always is to create a mount that disappears so not to interfere with the art. Priority 1 is to keep the aesthetic appearance of the art that is on display. Thus letting the viewer of the art not to be distracted by items that the artist did not intend to have with the art.

Now is your chance to have beautifully designed and crafted fine art mounts made for the collection that you need to display. Email me today to start working on your perfect mount.

A thank you goes out to the spirit junkies over at gabriellemasterclass they donated big to my cause to help me fix the site after I got hacked. Thank you once again for you support!


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